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Lifeline WA Competition

Life is Better With Furbabies

SCROLL DOWN TO COMPLETE YOUR DETAILS & ENTER THE COMPETITION Nothing is more important that ones health, that includes their mental health. If you are anything like us, your precious furbaby/ies have been with you through thick and thin. They have sat there and listened to your worries, and cuddled you nice and tight when […]

Dog Beer at Perths Best Cafe | Westminster

Water is the best drink for dogs & puppies

We’re lucky to be living in Perth.  Especially in summer, when the sun is shining and you can take your dog or puppy along to dog-friendly outdoor cafes and pubs in Perth and surrounds.  As well as enjoying a refreshing, cool drink yourself you can keep your much loved dog or puppy well hydrated with […]

Shari Lovreta FurBaby Owner

FurBaby Dog & Puppy Daycare & Grooming

Over the past 12 months there have been some important changes at our FurBaby Dog and Puppy Daycare and Grooming Salon! If you had told us at the start of 2020 these changes would occur, we would not have believed you!  Like all small businesses, the coronavirus pandemic has impacted our business and resulted in […]

Puppies at FurBaby

Puppy Talent Search

Here at FurBaby we are working on a very special project. We can’t tell you too much about it yet, so shhh…. But, we need your help!! Do you have a puppy or know of a puppy, that is under six months of age, and is a STAR?! We would love to have your puppy […]

Puppy Cafe | Pooch Cafe | Doggy Cafe | Pet Friendly Cafe | Westminster | Cafe Perth

What to do when bringing a new puppy home

There is nothing as exciting as bringing home a new puppy! They bring so much joy to your family and are going to be with you for their entire life. So… it is soo important that you set them up for the bestest start into their new family life. We’ve put together a Puppy Program […]

Bichon and Little Girl at Dog Cafe Perth

Bubs & Mums – Child Friendly

Our dream at FurBaby was always to create a family friendly café, where the entire family can come out together for a fun day. Now, we have certainly catered for the furbabies, as the whole café has been created for their benefit! As we’re not only a dog friendly café, we’re a café that has […]

Singles Mixer Perth | Dog Dating Perth

Singles Mixer

Who wants to spend Valentines Day alone? Well… you’re never alone when you have a beautiful furbaby to love. But, what if your furbaby can help you find “the one”!? Are you single? Looking for “the one”? Why not enlist the help of your furbaby to find “the one”? Come along to a night of […]

Equality | Inclusion Event Perth

Paws Up For Equality

In contrary to Katy Perry, I’ve never kissed a girl and I don’t think I would actually like it. Whilst the nation has been consumed by a debate on marriage equality as of late, I must admit it wasn’t something that I really engaged in with too much detail. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’ve […]

Valentines Day | Dog Love | Perth | Dog Cafe

2016 Pawfect FurBaby Competition

Over Valentine’s weekend we had over a hundred furbabies come to FurBaby Boutique & Café and have their photo taken in front of out ‘Wall of Love’, by the very talented Jack from J F Photography. Whilst we think that all furbabies are pawfect, you now get the opportunity to let us know which one […]