About Us

We have a dream… to create a truly dog friendly (and friendly to any other furbaby that can be placed on a leash or kept in a pet carrier) café to the northern suburbs of Perth, Western Australia.

By dog friendly café we mean; a café where you can bring your dog inside to browse the store, or have him or her sit on the floor next to you while you enjoy a tea / coffee or have something to eat in our fully enclosed alfresco area. Don’t forget, you can always spoil your furbaby with a special treat from our Dog Treat Barkery too, so they don’t miss out on the fun.

We want our café and store to be a place where your furbaby is welcomed and considered just as much as family as you are. Our two and four legged guests are invited to explore our unique store, delicious café, tasty barkey and exquisite grooming salon, as we have especially made it for you and your furbaby.

Ishi N Suki1, FurBaby

It all started with Shari and her two gorgeous Shiba Inu puppies (well OK they are not puppies anymore, but shhh don’t tell anyone). Marishi, we call her Ishi, and Akatsuki, whom we refer to this little man as Suki, came and turned our lives around. Their love, vibrant personality, and cheeky mischievous energy became infectious and before we knew it we didn’t want to spend a second without them, and that’s where our problem started.

We found it very difficult to find a place in Perth where we would be happy to take Ishi & Suki to spend some quality time with them and catch up with our friends and family. We didn’t always want to have a play at the park or beach; you know sometimes the weather just doesn’t permit that. And sure, we could sit outside a restaurant/café with them, but found it hard when other patrons didn’t feel the same affection for them as we did. And, that’s where the idea of Furbaby Boutique & Café began!

We wanted to create a different place; somewhere where responsible pet owners can take their furbabies on lead. Where your furbaby is a welcomed part of our family and completely adored by our staff.

Our staff have been handpicked because they love animals just as much as we do, and that is so important to Furbaby Boutique & Café. To us this is not just a business, it is a place where like-minded people can come together and share quality time with their furbabies!