Purple Poppies for AWAMO

Chloe and Souvaki with purple poppies Horse Rug Nanna FurBaby

Ever since its inception FurBaby Boutique & Café has been major supporter of the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation.

This amazing group of people work tirelessly to remember animals in war. Throughout the year purple poppies are worn to remember animals who have fought alongside humans in times of conflict, including our wonderful canines. The sale of these purple poppies go towards erecting memorials throughout the world that recognise the animals that have sacrificed throughout the times to serve our amazing country in our war efforts.

FurBaby Boutique & Café have these purple poppies available for purchase all year round. The sale of these #purplepoppies benefit the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation, who are dedicated to remembering Australian non-human soldiers, including memorials placed throughout the world.

This year, the Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation are working on a very special project. They would like some knitted purple poppies – for a horse rug. They are hoping to decorate a horse with an abundance of hand-made, with love, knitted or crochet purple poppies, these will be sewn into a horse rug and paraded in the memorial services, then will end up at the Australian War Memorial – Canberra.

We would love for you to be a part of this history making piece of art!! To support Australian War Animal Memorial Organisation, we are collecting poppies to be sewn into a horse rug. You can drop your poppies off at FurBaby and we will send them across for you. Be a part of history!

– Crochet or knit purple poppies, you don’t have to follow any pattern or any particular shade of purple. Let your imagine run wild

–  Drop them off to FurBaby Cafe before 31st of March 2018 and we will send them all to AWAMO for you.

– If it’s easier for you; you can send them directly at AWAMO by posting your poppies to: 6 Riverbend Drive, Canungra QLD 4275

Deadline: We will send them across to AWAMO on Saturday, 31st March 2018. So, please drop them to FurBaby before then