Pet Sitting Advice and Services for Perth Residents

“It’s holiday time!! I’m so excited, I finally get to go away, have some much needed rest and relaxation! But wait…. What do I do with my furbabies? Who’s going to look after them with as much care and love as I do? Ohh I don’t know, it’s way too hard! Looks like I’m just stay at home and relax with them!”

Pet Sitting

Sound familiar?!?!

Because I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have had that exact internal dialogue with myself. And, generally it means that I opt for little road trips, where my furbabies can come. It’s just not the same though. So, I thought if I have that problem, maybe, other people might do too. Here is some options for you to consider when finding someone to look after your furbabies…

Firstly, you need to decide if you want someone to look after your furbabies and home too? Or, do you just want your furbabies taken care of?

Pet Sitting
If you want someone to look after your furbabies and your home. There are some amazing businesses out there that offer a ‘pet sitting’ service, most are exactly what you want, and some are not so good. So, there are a few things you should keep in mind…

Ask Questions – Whomever you choose to look after your furbabies and home have been entrusted with your most prized possessions, especially your furbabies, so feel free to be as picky as you possibly can. I wouldn’t sign-up to anything before conducting an interview with the person that is house sitting. Feel comfortable setting down some important rules, do you want them to bring their friends to your house? What’s the plan if an emergency should arise? What’s the daily expectation of chores to be completed while you’re away? It is advised to outline exactly what you expect from your pet sitter, so there is clear expectations and guidelines of what’s happening when you’re away. Just remember you’re paying for a service, so it’s great that both parties are clear about what is expected of them.

Hard Questions – You don’t want to be caught unaware when you’re blissfully enjoying your holiday. It is so important that both your furbabies, your home and pet sitter are insured. What happens if there’s a dog attack at the park and not only your furbaby, but the pet sitter gets hurt too. You shouldn’t be afraid to ask the technical questions. Whose insurance covers what? Does your pet sitter have a police clearance? It’s important to know that proper business practices are in place so you can have full peace of mind while you are sipping mojitos and you’re well deserved holiday.

Referrals – Nothing is going to set your mind at ease than personally knowing who you are entrusting with your furbaby and your home. Ask around, and follow people that you trust. Nothing is better than a trusted referral.

Pet Kennels, Resorts & Retreats
There is also the option of using a Kennel Service (Lodging Resorts / Hotels for Dogs) if you wanted to place your dog at an off-site venue. This will save you the hassle of letting someone into your home and most of these places can be viewed before dropping your furbaby off.

There are some amazing facilities in Perth, some have a constant CCTV link so you can always view what is happening with your furbaby. Some have special play courtyards, so your furbaby can have daily plays outside of their sleeping quarters. Some send you daily photos so you can see how much fun your furbaby is having.

With kennelling your dog, same rules apply as having a pet sitter. Try and visit the facility and make sure you’re comfortable with their set up. And, don’t forget to ask lots of questions, you should feel comfortable knowing exactly what’s going to happen while you are away.

So finally… you can have that well deserved holiday, knowing that your furbabies are in well trusted hands, safe and sound!

Cuddles to your furbaby!
Love Shari – FurBaby Owner xx

Some of our recommended pet sitting friends are below…

Pet Sitters

Pet Kennels, Resorts & Retreats

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