Santa Paws to Return


For the last seven years FurBaby has run what, what we consider, the best Santa Paws photos in Perth. That is having photos with Santa where the whole family is included no matter how many legs or hooves they have. See, you read that right, not only have we photographed an abundance number of dogs, we have also captured cats, birds, ponies, ferrets, mice, rats, chickens not to mention their human family members that came along also.

We estimate, we have taken about 10,000 Santa Paws photos over the last seven years, and we are just exhausted. So, we think that we must give it a rest this year. See, working every weekend in the lead up to Christmas on top of our normal jobs is a lot to do, and our families sacrifice so much as there isn’t much energy left to put into our own family Christmas, so this year we are taking a rest.

We haven’t made this decision lightly, as we have been truly honoured to be a huge part in so many families annual traditions. There have been many families that started with a family photo of a single person and their pup, then year/s later along came their partner, followed by another year/s to kid/s, it has truly warmed our hearts and made it all worth it. So, from the bottom of our hearts, thank you!! Thank you for the magic of FurBaby Santa Paws! Thank you for your unwavering support of our little small business.

If you would like for FurBaby Santa Paws to return next year, please let us know! If we have enough people begging for us to return… well we never say never, so we don’t know what the future will hold. If you want FurBaby Santa Paws to return, please fill out the form below…

I Want FurBaby Santa Paws To Return

  • We are really wanting to return, if there is enough interest. But, we do realise that coming back from a year off is going to be hard, so if you provide us with reason why you want us to return, we will be able to use this to focus our marketing.