Santa Paws to Return


From 2015-2021 FurBaby has run what, what we consider, the BEST Santa Paws photos in Perth. That is having photos with Santa where the whole family is included no matter how many legs or hooves they have. See, you read that right, not only have we photographed an abundance number of dogs, we have also captured cats, birds, ponies, ferrets, mice, rats, chickens not to mention their human family members that came along also.

We estimate, we have taken about 10,000 Santa Paws photos over the seven years, now that we have had a rest for two years, WE ARE COMING BACK!!

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We’re so excited, can’t wait to see you there!!

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  • We are really excited about returning! But, we do realise that coming back from two years off is going to be hard, so if you provide us with reason you're excited for us to return, we will be able to use this to focus our marketing. Help us stay popular, so we can keep on returning every year.