Bubs & Mums – Child Friendly

Girl and Dog at Cafe

Our dream at FurBaby was always to create a family friendly café, where the entire family can come out together for a fun day. Now, we have certainly catered for the furbabies, as the whole café has been created for their benefit! As we’re not only a dog friendly café, we’re a café that has been designed specifically for dogs. And, lately, we’ve added a lot more exciting things for the skinbabies to do too!

We love seeing the kids run into FurBaby and jump on the stools to watch the Groomers work their magic. They learn so much about caring for pets while they watch our Groomers attend to their beautiful coats.

Our barkery has been placed at a lower level so kids can choose the exact treat they want to give their furbabies. It’s pretty special when they think so long and hard to choose the perfect treat that their precious pet deserves.

And, now we have an extensive range of toys for the kids to enjoy, away from the dogs, so they are kept nice and safe. They can spend hours playing, while the rest of their family enjoys a yummy meal in the café.

Toys and Kids

With high chairs, and a change table; FurBaby has been working hard to be more friendly towards children too!

That is why when the café was approached by local business owner and Mum, Shen Puccio to host her monthly MIBA (Mums in Business Association) Perth North WA Networking Events, we jumped at the chance to support local business owners in a family friendly environment.


Mums in Business Association (MIBA) are a global community of 80 thousand women in all types of businesses around the world! Shen is very excited to bring this to Perth’s North, to provide the best value for her networking group hosting the best inspiring local speakers and exclusive MIBA training; to educate and empower local women in business. All this while creating an relaxing environment for local women from all types of business backgrounds, in a supportive, safe and child-friendly environment, so working mum’s and their kids have the same opportunity.

Check out the website to learn more about how you can join this amazing group of women: https://www.mumsinbusinessassociation.com/organiser/Shen.Puccio