Puppy Program

There’s nothing quite like bringing a puppy home! All that love bundled up in fur, four paws, a wagging tail, wet nose and soo much energy.

Most new pawrents want to set up their puppy for a lifetime of fun and happiness. And, we want to help you to do that!

It is critical to teach puppies the right skills and correctly introduce them to new experiences slowly and carefully. So, we at FurBaby thought we would design a program that teaches puppies appropriate socialisation skills with other dogs and expose them to the Grooming Salon, creating a well-adjusted puppy and also helping pawrents get use to their new bundle of joy. It is a great fun way to properly teach them important skills and set them up for a lifetime of fun and happiness.

FurBaby’s Puppy Program has been designed to be run in conjunction with Puppy School not to replace it. Puppy schools concentrate on teaching owners how to raise their puppy. Our Puppy Program is designed to teach dogs how to socialise and play appropriately with other dogs and desensitise them to new experiences.

FurBaby is a fully registered and insured business. We are a team of highly trained professionals who are fully qualified with years of experience to help you and your puppy. To us nothing is more important than the strong bond between a furbaby and their pawrent, and we want to help you form a formidable relationship, filled with trust and love. So, trust us to help you during this very important puppy stage, it doesn’t last forever and it is just so magical.

For only $249, we have put together the following package:

This package is valued at $400! Giving you so much value whilst treating your puppy to the best start at life!

For your puppy to be eligible to participate in our Puppy Program, they must meet the following requirements:

  • Age – All puppies must be under six months of age.
  • Vaccination – All puppies must be fully vaccinated, meaning that they are up to date with their C5 vaccination, providing official documentation as proof.
  • Health – You will need to certify that your puppy is in good health.
  • Terms & Conditions – You must agree to both the FurBaby Doggy Daycare & FurBaby Groom & Pamper terms of service

If you would like for your puppy to join our Puppy Program, simply fill out an ENROLMENT FORM

Here are some more details about the elements of our Puppy Program and why it is sooo good for your puppy…


It is soo important for your puppy to socialise and learn how to ‘dog’ as early as possible. We can’t recommend doggy daycare enough for puppies, even if it is just for a short time. They learn how to play with other dogs without their pawrents around, teaching them to think for themselves. It gives puppies the opportunity to learn the correct way to interact with other dogs appropriately. It builds their confidence and teaches them important doggy socialisation skills that nowhere else can.

FurBaby Doggy Daycare is the best place for your puppy, we think that because of the following reasons…

  • Our daycare staff are highly trained in canine behaviour, training your puppy with the right skills from the start.
  • All dogs in our daycare are under 12kgs, that means that your puppy with be playing with dogs of similar size. Often than not, our small wiser older dogs are the best teachers of what is right and wrong. Puppies can learn how to ‘dog’ in a safe environment, so when your puppy plays with bigger dogs at the park it is safer for them, as they have learnt how to play appropriately from dogs their same size.
  • All dogs in our daycare are fully vaccinated, and the premises is continually sanitised, ensuring a safe environment for your puppy.
  • Well-socialised puppies usually develop into safer, more relaxed and enjoyable companion animals.
  • You can learn all about what makes FurBaby Doggy Daycare unique and special by clicking here.


Introducing a puppy to grooming in the right way is of utmost importance; ensuring your puppy has a lifetime of positive experience associated with grooming. The Grooming Salon can be a very scary place to a little puppy, the dryers make lots of noises and the clippers feel very weird on their baby skin. So, we make sure that their first experience in the Salon consists of lots of fun and cuddles. We are passionate about the specialised care we give our Grooming clients, building lifelong friendships between your puppy and their stylist. Only through slowly introducing them to grooming can these friendships form on solid foundations.

Our puppy introductions have been specifically designed to socialise your puppy with all the grooming equipment and staff. It includes a brush, nail trim, face trim, paw pad tidy, important socialisation and lots of cuddles.


After your puppy has visited our Salon three times for their introduction; it will be time for them to get wet. Slowly building their confidence in the Salon through introductions will enable their first real groom to be fun and enjoyable. During their first puppy maintenance trim they will experience a spa pamper treatment, using premium shampoo and conditioners, blow dry, brush out, maintenance clip of face, feet and hygiene areas including nail trim.


Choosing a vet is one of the most important things you can decide for your puppy. Your vet is going to be there to help with your puppy whilst they are little all the way until they are big. Your puppy’s first vet experience, should be a good one, filled with lots of cuddles. As you want them to associate going to the vet with a good experience, so that each time you need to go to the Vet they take it in their stride, instead of being scared in any way.

Word of mouth is a great way to find a good vet, ask your friends who they use. The FurBaby pups go to Vogue Vets and we certainly recommend them. That is why we are happy to give all puppies that are a part of our Puppy Program a $30 Voucher to use at Vogue Vets so you can see just how amazing they are for you and your puppy.

If you would like to learn anything else about this amazing program please call us today on 94406690, our friendly staff will be happy to help you.

Or, if you know that you don’t want your puppy to miss out on this amazing program you can ENROL NOW – simply fill out an ENROLMENT FORM