Information for Parents

When visiting Furbaby Boutique & Café we want everyone to have a great time. But, most importantly, we want everyone to be safe!

We ask that everyone follows these simple steps if they want to meet and greet a dog:

Approaching a Dog

Each dog owner is responsible for their furbaby whilst they are in the store and must ensure it remains on lead, or in a pet carrier, at all times. This is for safety reasons; we need to make sure there are no inappropriate incidences occurring.

Similarly, we require parents to take special care of, and pay close attention to, their children whilst at Furbaby Boutique & Café. Again, this is purely a safety precaution. Some dogs are not completely comfortable in the presence of children, toddlers or elderly people. Some furbabies can feel that they are unpredictable to them. So, we need to make sure that before entering the store that all children, and really everyone,  are aware of how they should behave or interact with other people’s animals, always full of respect.


6 Signs of Stress

Nobody is happy all the time. We each have our good moments and our bad moments. It’s important to remember that dogs have feelings too. Rather than looking at dog behaviour as simply aggressive or non-aggressive, it’s far better to see it as a continuum ranging from Enjoyment to Tolerance to Enough Already. No matter how long a child has interacted safely and happily with a dog, it is good for parents to learn the six stress signs of dogs and intervene when necessary. Not after it is too late!


Kids and Dogs


NB: This information is advice only. All children and dog interaction at Furbaby Boutique & Café is the entire responsibility of parents and dog owners alike. Furbaby Boutique & Café takes no responsibility of social interactions of any kind at the premises.