Water is the best drink for dogs & puppies


We’re lucky to be living in Perth.  Especially in summer, when the sun is shining and you can take your dog or puppy along to dog-friendly outdoor cafes and pubs in Perth and surrounds.  As well as enjoying a refreshing, cool drink yourself you can keep your much loved dog or puppy well hydrated with water bowls readily available at these venues.

The bottom line is that water is the best drink for your dog or puppy. You can occasionally add a splash of juice or gravy into the water, however when it comes down to it your dog or puppy will be just as happy if you take along a nutritious snack to enjoy with their water.

Water keeps your dog’s body functioning correctly and helps digestion and the absorption of nutrients. It also removes waste from the body, helps maintain body temperature, cushions joints and the spinal cord and moves nutrients in and out of the body’s cells.

It is generally recommended that healthy dogs  drink between 1/2 to 1 oz of water per .5 kgs of body weight.








Photo Credit: Big big thank you to Nelson and Dr Lucian for being our Dog Beer models and the ever so talented Richelle from Richelle Beswick Photography for taking these gorgeous photos!


  1. Boredom or Breed, common among water loving dogs.
  2. Crushing’s Disease, which affects your dogs endocrine system.
  3. Diabetes, increasing glucose levels in the blood.
  4. Heat and Cold, extreme weather conditions impact water loss and water intake.
  5. Liver Disease and Hepatitis, result in increased water consumption.
  6. Hypercalcemia (high calcium levels in the blood), resulting in lethargy and depression.
  7. Kidney Failure, effecting blood pressure and hormone production.
  8. Medications, drinking lots of water is often a side affect of strong medications
  9. Pyometra, a condition that only impacts unspayed female dogs.
  10. Psychogenic Polydipsia, a behavioral condition that manifests in excessive water consumption.