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It’s pretty special when Santa comes to visit our FurBaby Dog and Puppy Daycare and Grooming Centre! And, it’s even more special when he takes time from his busy schedule to have a photo taken with adorable cute dogs, puppies, cats, birds, ponys and many other adorable fur and feather babies. Santa Paws is for the whole family you and your partner, children, parents, siblings, cousins and even your next door neighbour along with all your pets are always welcome to be included!

FurBaby hosts its Santa Paws event every year so your beloved dog or puppy (or any other pet) can have a photo with Santa.  And, while you receive a super cute Christmas memento, you also give back to our Western Australian community, as this year we will be raising funds for Lifeline WA.

FurBaby is all about dogs and puppies so we know how to get your dog or puppy to look at the camera to make sure your photo is super cute!  The very talented Richelle from Collar At Ya! is an amazing animal photographer, her work is incredible and we have been lucky to have her take our wonderful Santa Paws photos over the last five years.

This year we have transformed our VID Area into a Christmas wonderland, with Christmas trees and baubles galore, all set up for Santa’s visit, so he is nice and comfortable and your photos will be perfect!  We are all skilled with animals so you can be assured we will be able to set the scene for a great photo of your special dog or puppy (or any other pet) spending time with Santa.


Santa Paws – where your dog, animals, and/or family can have their photo with Santa will take place in the VID Area at FurBaby, 29/386 Wanneroo Road, Westminster WA during most weekends in November and December

Link to book your santa session




This year we listened to what you want and instead of lining up, we will pre-sell tickets for designated sessions. This means you don’t have to spend time waiting and you can quickly come and go to make meeting Santa an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

Sessions have been organised into hours. We ask that you get to your session in the first 15mins, and expect to wait up to 45mins to have your photo taken.

There is one fast pass, per session, available if you don’t want to wait!
For safety we ask that all animals are kept on a lead or in a pet carrier until they meet Santa. As the Cafe is no longer operating, you will be able to wait under cover and inside until it’s your turn, so no more waiting in the heat. It doesn’t take much time to have a photo taken  with Santa, so the line will move quickly.


Nothing is more important that ones health, that includes their mental health. If you are anything like us, your precious furbaby/ies have been with you through thick and thin. They have sat there and listened to your worries, and cuddled you nice and tight when the days just seem a little blue.

We love our dogs, and all our pets, and know that they enrich our lives in so many ways. If you want to read more about how our dogs are great for our mental and physical health you can read all about it here.

To celebrate our precious furbabies, we are supporting our friends at Lifeline WA this Santa Paws. We know how much they do for the community and we want to give back to them!


To have a photo with Santa it will just cost $30 (with a $5 booking fee). To make it easy, this year we will ask for you to pre-pay for your photo online when you book your session.

You’re welcome to have multiple photos. For instance, if you want one photo of the whole family, and the next photo with just Santa and the dog/s, that is certainly possible. It will just cost $30 for each photo. You won’t have to decide how many photos you want when booking your session, this can be decided on the day.

As bigger groups take a lot longer, to get everyone looking at the camera, we need to factor in time to allow for bigger groups. Therefore, tickets will include 5 family members (this is any combination of humans and/or pets), any additional family member after the 5 is an additional $2.


Sometimes we will need to use treats to get dogs to look at the camera. You will know what treat works best for your dog, so you’re encourage to bring their favourite treat along. If you forget, don’t worry, there will be treats available to purchase on the day.


If your pooch is not good with other dogs, but good with people they still can have their photo with Santa! We let dogs into the VID Area one by one, so there is no competition for Santa’s attention.

The only time dogs need to be close to one another is waiting for the photo. So, what we suggest is… bring two people to Santa Paws, one waits inside, the other waits in the car with the dogs. When it is time for the photo, you can drive your car close to VID and sneak the dogs in and out. That way no one misses out on photos and everyone stays safe.


We are working hard to have food and drinks available on the day, stay tuned for more information.


Santa Photos will be taken in VID, and people can wait inside FurBaby, in air conditioned comfort, so don’t worry about the weather. We have you covered to make sure you’re out the sun!


All the photos will be uploaded to:
Participants can have their very own high resolution digital copy to use for whatever they wish, with no additional fees.

To download your picture; find it in the folder with the date that you came for your Santa Paws photo. There will be a download icon on your picture. Click on this icon and it will download the photo to your computer without you having to pay any more money.

Download Instructions



This year we are NOT allowing any personal photography or videography. This is due to the fact that we spend hours editing and retouching each photo to ensure the high resolution digital file of your photo is the highest quality. We want to maintain this quality for all FurBaby Santa Paws photos, hence our decision to not allow any personal photography.
Also, previously we have allowed people to take their own photos whilst in with Santa. However, we have found that it slows down the process for everyone, and people are made to wait longer for their photo. So, we’ve made the decision that you will not be permitted to take your own photo this year with Santa. Instead you will just have to wait for the perfect one to come from us.


– Photos will be uploaded to for download within 14 days of the photo being taken
– FurBaby’s social media feeds will be used to announce when the photos are available
– Clients are encouraged to share the URL link for everyone to see
– By having you and/or your furbabies photo taken you are authorising FurBaby to use the photos and publish. Photos will NOT be kept private and will be accessible to the public.
– FurBaby takes no responsibility to ensure the archive of photos. If there is a technical error, it is of no fault of FurBaby or the photographer
– Photos always remain the property of FurBaby and its photographer

– Should the client wish to cancel prior to their session they must do so within 48 hours of their session, ticket monies will be refunded, but the $5 booking fee is non refundable.
– If the client cancels within 48 hours of their session, monies will not be refunded. (Exceptions only with medical certificates provided)
– Should the client need to reschedule prior to their session they must do so within 48 hours of their session, and will only be able to reschedule if tickets are available and the event is not sold out.
– Failure to reschedule 48 hours prior all monies paid will be retained by FurBaby.
– If however, FurBaby is unable to perform pursuant due to illness or any avoidable or unavoidable action (for instance a government directed Covid Lockdown), where a reschedule is not possible the Session fee and ticket monies paid will refunded – however, the booking fee of $5 is non refundable.
– This year we are NOT allowing personal photography and videography. We want to ensure that all FurBaby Santa Paws photos are professionally edited and are of the same quality

FurBaby Santa Paws aims to be COVIDAware. As such, we need to all keep making COVIDSafe choices to help stop the spread.
• Keep physical distancing in public spaces.
• Practise good hygiene.
• Protect others and stay at home if you’re unwell. If you’re experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms speak to your doctor about getting tested.
• If you haven’t already, download the COVIDSafe app.
• If you buy a ticket, then on the day feel unwell, we will credit your ticket to another day, if bookings are available, just call FurBaby on 94406690 prior to the event.



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