Pamper your dog or puppy with a special FurBaby grooming and spa treatment!

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Our state-of-the-art FurBaby Dog and Puppy Grooming Salon operates with four professional, qualified stylists who will groom and pamper your dog or puppy to perfection.

Analise, Trish, Sarah and Bryony are talented stylists with an abundance of knowledge and experience in dog and puppy styling and they are waiting to groom your dog or puppy so their coat looks and feels phenomenal.

Not only do these amazing ladies know their way around a pair of scissors, they are also expert in dog nail clipping, dog shaving and dog washing. They specialise in poodle haircuts, pomeranian haircuts, maltese haircuts, cockapoo haircuts, poddle puppy cuts as well as styling and grooming for many other small and large breeds of dogs and puppies.

All our stylists are nationally awarded in dog behaviour and dog psychology so the safety and welfare of your precious dog or puppy is of utmost importance from the moment they arrive at our dog and puppy grooming salon.

Your beloved dog or puppy will be treated like family at our FurBaby Grooming Salon and their grooming is guaranteed to be an enjoyable and happy experience. Plus the end result will make you very proud of your much loved dog or puppy.


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THANK YOU to all of our beautiful customers that are supporting us.

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