Grooming- more important than just looking pretty!

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Grooming is about more than just making your dog look pretty, it is vital in maintaining your dog’s wellbeing and physical health!

Dog’s are constantly losing and shedding hair, which should be removed from your furbaby’s coat regularly and routinely. Failure to do this results in your dog’s fur becoming matted, thus causing pain and creating a space for bacteria to live and grow.

Matted Fur

Removing matted fur is extremely uncomfortable for dogs as it pinches on their skin making it difficult for groomers to remove, causing discomfort and anxiety for your dog, increasing the risk of cuts whilst grooming. Matted hair not only looks unpleasant, it causes skin irritations and distress, leading to the dog biting and scratching at it, causing the initial mat to grow in size and get more tangled.

Extreme matting can also deny regular air circulation to the skin; where the skin is denied fresh air and stimulation causing it to become unhealthy and irritated. It is extremely important for dead, loose hairs to be removed through regular grooming to prevent any future mats or irritation to your dog. Mats in dog’s fur can also cause bacterial infections as they cannot be dried properly, and trap moisture causing damage to the dog’s skin.  Heavily matted fur can change a dog’s movements, cut off circulation, hide infected wounds, grass seeds and even cause hyperpigmentation and/or hyperkeratosis (elephant skin).

Skin, Eyes & Ears

Skin health is also observed during the grooming process, which is extremely beneficial to your dog as the groomer may identify a problem that would otherwise have gone unnoticed, whilst also preventing a number of unpleasant future health complications.

Trimming your furbaby’s nails allows for the prevention of accidents happening to you, your dog or your furniture, whilst also giving the groomer an opportunity to inspect your dog’s feet for problems such as swelling, cracked pads, dermatitis and grass seeds. Eyes and ears are also prone to disease in many breeds of dog, therefore it is important to maintain regular grooming so that eye infections caused by unkept fur and other ear infections can be found and prevented.

Anxiety at the Groomer

Many dogs also suffer anxiety at the groomer as they feel apprehensive and fearful when being exposed to unfamiliar situations. By familiarising your furbaby with the groomer through regular appointments, they will become less afraid, making the process much easier for your furbaby and the groomer.

We care about your furbaby!

Here at FurBaby, we care about your dog’s wellbeing and want each visit to the groomer to be as pleasant as possible! Which is why we encourage regular grooming to ensure your pup doesn’t get mats in its fur that would put them in pain, and risk infections.

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