Keeping dogs and puppies active in Lockdown

Covid Safe for Dogs

Western Australia didn’t have any community spread of COVID-19 for over ten months, so when Premier Mark McGowan announced a snap five-day lockdown until 6pm February 5 for large parts of WA we were all taken by surprise!

Like many small businesses, Furbaby believes our services are not essential and for the safety of our clients and the dogs and puppies who use our day care and grooming services,  and the security of our West Australian community, FurBaby will close until February 8.

Schools are closed, and lockdown restrictions for individuals include a stay at home order unless you can’t work remotely, need groceries, medicine or have health care needs. You have to wear a mask when you leave home and you can exercise for one hour a day with one other person.

The world-wide pandemic has had a significant impact on the every day lives of people and their beloved pets. Many owners have been staying at home instead of going to work and dogs, puppies and other pets have had to get used to a new daily routine and spending more time with their owners.

The FurBaby Day Care team work with dogs and puppies every day and they have put together some ideas to engage dogs and puppies and provide families and individuals with a chance to make the most of lockdown with their their beloved pets.

  • Encourage your dog to use his senses by hiding his favourite toys or treats inside or outside your home.You can both have fun with this scavenger hunt activity, just remember to use healthy treats!
  • During these hot summer days, fill a container with water and your dog’s favourite treat and freeze the container. Watch your dog have fun waiting for the ice to melt and see his reaction when he discovers his favourite treat.
  • Spend time teaching your dog new tricks, like putting away his toys or fetching a favourite toy, using reward-based training. Use dental chews as a reward for your dog’s teeth and gum health.
  • Challenge your dog’s memory by placing three plastic cups upside down on the floor and hiding a treat under one of the cups. Move the cups around and see if your dog can find the cup with the treat.
  • A Hide-and-seek game with you is good for your dog’s body and brain because he will have to walk around and search for you. When he finds you celebrate with belly rubs, a favourite toy or treats.
  • Sing to your dog and hold his paws as you dance, you may be surprised at his reaction.
  • Curl up together with your dog on a comfortable couch and enjoy a relaxing afternoon nap.