Australia’s Favourite Pets – Cats or Dogs and Puppies?

It’s a familiar debate for many pet lovers: which makes the best pet, cats or dogs and puppies? Well, Choosi has conducted some research on the subject, and they have the answer. Read on to discover whether Australians prefer cats or dogs as pets, as well as how much they are willing to spend and what their favourite names are for their beloved pets.

Why We Love Our Pets – Australians say they choose to keep pets because pet ownership is good for their mental well-being and health. Their pet makes them feel happier in general, and the best things about their cute canines and furry felines are the companionship and unconditional love they give. The toughest aspects of pet ownership are paying for food and medical expenses.

Are Dogs Winning the Cats Versus Dogs Battle? Yes, it’s official. Choosi found that more people in Australia own a dog than a cat, with 49.7 per cent owning a dog, 24.7 per cent owning a cat, and 25.6 per cent of Australians owning both a cat and a dog.

Of these dog owners, 75 per cent own one dog, and 24.7 per cent own two or more dogs. But cat lovers are more likely than dog lovers to own more than one cat — 65.4 per cent of cat owners have just one feline friend, and 34.6 own two or more cats.

Further, 57.4 per cent of Western Australians own a dog only as opposed to only 45.2 per cent of Victorians.

So, why do dog lovers love dogs so much, and cat lovers prefer cats? The data in the report shows that dog lovers choose dogs because they are more loyal, fun, responsive, and friendly. On the other hand, cat owners choose cats over dogs because they are quieter, easier to keep in a small place, cleaner, less smelly, and more independent.

Interestingly, 20.1 per cent of respondents said they had to compromise when they got a pet and chose a cat rather than a dog because of their living arrangements. The size and location of their home was the deciding factor.

How Much Are Australians Spending on Their Pets? Australians adore their pets and on average, they spend $115 on their pets per month. According to the report, 25.3 per cent admitted to spending between 10 and 30 per cent of their total income on their pets per month.

Further, respondents admitted to spending more on their pets than they do on other lifestyle items, including entertainment and leisure, fashion items, tech items, and other discretionary purchases. In total, Australians spend around 37 per cent of their discretionary income on their beloved pets per month.

If their pet got sick, many pet owners would do whatever they could to save them. Forty-seven per cent of respondents would be prepared to pay up to $999 for life-saving surgery, 27.2 per cent would spend up to $4,999, and 20.8 per cent would spend more.

Typical Pet Names Still Rule – When asked about their pet’s name:

31.6 per cent described their pet’s name as typical.
28.1 per cent said their pet has an ordinary human name.
27.1 per cent said their pet’s name is unique or made up.
8.0 per cent named their pet after a celebrity or idol.
Of the top five dog names, Bella was the most popular, with 2 per cent of respondents having a dog called Bella. Other popular dog names in the top five include Coco, Charlie, Ben, and Max.

Of the top five cat names, Max was the most popular, with 1.5 per cent of respondents having a cat called Max. The other popular cat names that made the top five are Sam, Charlie, Oscar, and Tiger. Whatever people decide to name their pets, more than 91 per cent think their pets like their name.

These popular pet names sure sound typical to us. However, 46.3 per cent of people felt pet names are becoming more ridiculous, and more than 77 per cent said pet names are becoming more like human names.