Groomed & Ready for Spring

Puppies at FurBaby

As the weather warms up and summer fast approaches, a visit to a respected grooming salon, like FurBaby Grooming and Daycare, will put a spring into the step of every dog, no matter what breed or size.

Groomed dogs are healthier dogs

There’s a multitude of benefits for dogs, puppies and owners who visit a grooming salon on a regular basis, including early detection of issues with your dog’s ears, skin, teeth and other conditions associated with the breed, age and size of your beloved companion.

Taking your dog to a professional groomer in a clean, hygienic and spacious salon for a regular shampoo, trim and styling will promote a healthy coat and skin, and a clean and well brushed coat will shed less and keep your home cleaner and almost allergy free.

Regular nail trims will ensure your dog’s nails are short and strong to encourage and reinforce a healthy foot structure and posture and reduce the risk of infection or health issues that may arise in the future.

Importantly, one of the best things you can do for your dog or puppy is to teach them to react in a positive way in the company of other dogs and people and to feel comfortable being handled and petted.

Get up close and personal with your pet

The majority of veterinarians and leading groomers believe that some form of handling is essential to ensure your dog’s long term good health and to detect and treat any health problems that arise as your pet ages.

There’s an important difference between handling and petting. When you handle your dog, you are grooming, checking for fleas, ticks or any other health concerns. When you pet your dog, you are showing affection and love and praising and rewarding his or her good behaviour.

If your pet is comfortable being handled, a professional groomer can thoroughly clean his or her ears, clip nails, brush teeth and trim and groom your dog’s coat, making the grooming experience an enjoyable one for both the groomer and your beloved pet.

Veterinarians and nurses need to handle your dog if they take his or her temperature, draw blood, give injections, conduct physical examinations and countless other procedures, and it’s much easier to examine and treat a dog that is cooperative and comfortable with being handled.

Grooming reluctance

Some dogs simply don’t like being handled or petted due to past bad experiences, however with time and patience you can connect with your dog and an experienced stylist can use gentle handling techniques to turn your dog’s nightmare into an enjoyable experience.

An older dog may need a little more patience if they have entrenched sensitivities or they have never been handled and a slow introduction will ensure each grooming experience is low stress and calming.

Generally, groomers prefer owners to leave their dog in their capable hands, rather than stay and watch, as this can make some dog more anxious if they sense their owner is in close proximity.

Inform the grooming salon if your dog is aggressive with other dogs or has any stress or health related issues.  As a responsible and loving owner you are entitled to ask any questions or ask to meet the groomer who will be grooming your furbaby.

A puppy is a blank slate

Little things like touching your puppy’s paws, looking inside its ears, checking gums and rewarding him or her with a treat and pats will help you bond and get your puppy used to being handled and petted.

When you introduce your puppy to grooming it’s important to do it at the right time with the right groomer to ensure he or she enjoys the experience and it’s the start of a lifetime of positive experiences associated with being groomed and handled.

Premium dog grooming salons like FurBaby Grooming have introduction packages with trained staff familiarising your pet to grooming equipment with a brush, nail trim, face trim, paw pad tidy and most importantly, socialisation skills and lots of cuddles.

FurBaby Grooming & Small Dog Daycare

FurBaby’s premises are unique to WA, because it features a bright, spacious, climate controlled Salon with ultramodern equipment and experienced, creative groomers as well as a full-service, world-class Small Dog Daycare facility with secure, spacious  inside and outside areas where trained, dedicated staff interact and socialise with their beloved charges.

The FurBaby Grooming Salon has a wide range of grooming and styling alternatives for small, medium and large dogs, including professional styling, de-shedding treatments, spa and blow dry, spa and pamper plus many additional services that will suit every dog and budget. Visit or call us on 9440 6690 for further information.


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