Dog daycare delivers multiple benefits for dogs & owners

Daycare FurKids

Australia’s first dog creche was opened in Melbourne in 2002 by a group based in New York, USA. Since that time, the dog daycare and grooming industry has exploded to become what is arguably a number one trend for many dog owners.

Australia has the highest rate of pet ownership in the world with 62% of households including a pet.  An estimated 30 million pets include dogs (40%), followed by cats (27%); fish and birds are also popular.  Surprisingly, more Australians live with a dog or cat then with a child and in most instances the pet is considered a beloved family member.

With the advent of COVID-19 in late 2019, and subsequent lock-downs and social isolation, the fostering and adoption rates for dogs and cats skyrocketed with the RSPCA and other animal charities reporting an approximate 100% increase in dog and cat adoptions.

No surprise, when scientific studies conclude that owning a companion pet promotes good mental health and helps alleviate loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress.  A recent study found Australian ownership of dogs and cats saved around $3.86 billion in health expenditure over one year.

Dogs are social animals and they can become bored or experience separation anxiety when owners leave, which can encourage bad behavior and habits. High density living means fewer backyards and busy owners often feel pressured to ensure their dog has regular exercise, stimulation and training.

Dog and puppy daycare offers a wide range of benefits to make life easy for owners and provide dogs with a rewarding experience in a safe, secure environment and a chance to socialize with other dogs of a similar size and nature.

  • Supervision the FurBaby Daycare Team are experienced professionals who love dogs and know every dog has a unique personality. Their extensive canine behavior training fosters meaningful interactions and good behavior so each dog feels confident and safe.
  • Socialization shapes behavioral development, teaches dogs to feel comfortable meeting new people or other dogs and stops any aggressive or skittish behavior.
  • Routine dogs thrive on routine and if you drop your dog at FurBaby Daycare and keep a consistent schedule, your dog will be comfortable and know what to expect. You may be surprised how a weekly or daily play-date can improve your life and the life of your dog.
  • Physical exercise provides dogs with mental stimulation, keeps them active and prolongs life. High-energy breeds need more exercise than low-energy breeds, and the FurBaby Daycare Team consider breed, age and personality for an effective exercise program.
  • Relaxation & quiet time dog behaviorists emphasize the importance of quiet time during  the day as opposed to hyper-arousal and the FurBaby Daycare Team positively reinforce calm behavior whenever necessary and periodically block inappropriate behavior.
  •  Peace of mind many dog owners worry about leaving their dog alone all day and a daily or weekly visit to FurBaby Daycare will ease your guilt knowing your dog is being very well cared for by professionals in a safe and secure environment.
  • Professional grooming the FurBaby Spa & Grooming Salon is located in the FurBaby Daycare premises so before your collect your dog from daycare we can organise a simple wash or a tailored pamper session.
  • Convenient location Furbaby Daycare, Spa & Grooming is conveniently located at Shop 29, 386 Wanneroo Road, Westminster, telephone (08) 9440 6061