Groom FAQ

CANCELLATION and Rescheduling Information

We’ve had to restructure our grooming department to make it sustainable for 2020 and the future. With a few key staff changes, we need to look into a new system that is fair to everyone to ensure that your furbaby gets the quality, attention and detail it deserves whilst getting groomed and our groomers have the necessary systems in place to continue providing quality service. Below are some frequently asked questions to help provide you with as much information as possible…

Why has my grooming appointment been cancelled? With the abundance of booking enquires, we have tried to squeeze as many customers into the Salon. Whilst our intensions were to try and help as many people as possible, what we have now done is booked a system that is putting unrealistic stress on our fabulous groomers to get everything done. This means that your dog is not in the most ideal situation to get a premium service with the time and detail that they deserve. We need to cancel some bookings to be fair to the dogs in the Salon, giving them a stress-free environment.

Why has the style cut had a price increase? To provide a better a service to you and your dog, we need to allocate more resources to style appointments. This is not only with more dedicated time, it is by using better quality products to ensure that the optimum service is being provided to you and your dog.

What do I need to do to book my dog in for a groom? Nothing, our friendly team will be in contact with you re-schedule your groom.

What is difference between a “Style” and a “All Body Clip?” All Body Clip – After the spa & blow dry, clippers are used to remove excess fur from your dog. This gives a single length throughout the clip. The length of the dog will be short, clippers are used all over the dog’s body. The face is shaped with scissors to leave the cutest cut possible. Style Clip – After the spa & blow dry, your dogs is combed to remove every single knot. This ensures that the hair is all the same length so, just like a hairdresser, the groomers can cut straight accurate lines. Then, the majority of fur is hand scissored off. The face is shaped with scissors to leave the cutest cut possible.