The Importance of Socialising with Your Dog

Socialising with your dog is super-fun for both you and your furbaby, but it also has some highly important benefits for your dog’s development and well-being. Check out our feature in Advantage Petcare’s recent article on how to ‘Socialise Safely with Other Pets and Pet Lovers’.

FurBaby Boutique & Cafe promotes socialisation

Here at FurBaby, we were delighted to feature in the article about the best places to meet fellow dog owners and their furry friends! We’re all for spreading the message about how beneficial socialising with your pet can be. Everyone who enters our establishment (whether they have two legs or four!) are considered part of the FurBaby family – come by a find out for yourself!

Socialising with your dog has more benefits than just being super fun! Here are some of the main benefits of socialising regularly with your furbaby.

Your pup will be calmer and happier

The younger you can socialise your dog, the better. While it’s not impossible to teach an old dog new tricks, puppies tend to adapt more quickly to new surroundings and situations. Daily walks are a great way to introduce your pup to new places, people and other dogs, resulting in them being happier and calmer in a variety of environments. By continuously introducing your dog to new people and new dogs, they are more likely to be happy when socialising with others.

You will be calmer and happier too

Dogs are known to be effective stress busters. Just looking at your furbaby releases oxytocin – the “feel good” chemical in your brain which instantly makes you happier. Spending quality time with your pet will make you both feel better every day.

You and your dog will both be healthier

Playing with your pooch is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy – walking, running and playing with your furbaby can easily provide you with your recommended 30 minutes of exercise a day, without it even feeling like you’re trying!

You’ll meet like-minded people

Visiting parks and dog-friendly cafes results in you meeting people who love and care for dogs as much as you do – so you and your pup can both make plenty of new friends!

Don’t forget…

Our café is fully dog-friendly – meaning people can come in with their furbabies and enjoy a high-quality coffee or meal from our Chef-run kitchen. And, your pup can enjoy a delicious and healthy treat from our ‘Barkery’.

We also have a Very Important Dog (VID) Area, where dogs can play off their leads. The VID area is fully covered and suitable for all weather conditions – allowing for fun all year round! We also have FurBaby Playdates where dogs of the same breed are invited to the VID area for a few hours of fun with friends.

What better way to enjoy time with old friends and also meet new ones?