Common Dog Behavior

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Dog Behavior

A dog is naturally inquisitive and curious, and this curiosity is a powerful force in your life. You should be sure to give your dog good manners before you have to leave them home alone. Obedience training will keep your dog safely confined inside the house. Here are some ways to set up a good routine for your dog’s behavior:

Stay home environment: Your dog needs to feel that it has a home and that it belongs to you. Make sure that he gets to see his food and water when you are not around. This prevents him from feeling left out. This also allows you to check on him regularly to make sure that he has eaten his meals.

Playing with other dogs: You may be aware that dogs like to play with other dogs, as they can be carriers of canine diseases. If you take your dog to your neighbor’s dog park to play with other dogs, he will get to know their ways and will find that playing with other dogs is a lot of fun.

Understand your dog: One of the reasons why dogs act so strangely sometimes is because they do not understand their own behaviour. You must always be patient with your dog and try to understand what he does. He might be acting unusually at times, but if you will not know the reason behind the dog’s behaviour, you will never get an idea of what the problem is.

Do not rough him up: Be very gentle when playing with your dog. Try to avoid using your hands to play with your dog. When you play with him, only your body should be in contact with his.

Make use of a Leash: As much as possible, let your dog wear a leash while he is outside. Even if you are walking your dog and you see a stranger coming towards you, keep him on a leash. Your dog will be able to calm down faster if you use a leash to control him.

Use Tricks: Don’t go looking for some tricks for your dog to learn. If you want to teach your dog a trick, make sure that you practice first, to make sure that your dog really understands the meaning of the trick.

Dog Appropriate: It is best that you talk to your dog about the things that you would like to teach him. Don’t wait until your dog runs off somewhere and asks you for something to teach him.

Discipline is crucial to any relationship between a dog and its owner. Never make it worse by punishing your dog. You should make sure that you give them rewards for the correct behaviour.

Exercise is another thing that you need to remember. Keep your dog occupied and away from food, television and any kind of other kind of distractions. In addition, make sure that you play with him, and make sure that you do not leave him alone.

Dog behavioural problems are common and can sometimes be hard to solve. You will need to educate yourself and your dog, so that you can resolve these problems.